The first of two remix EP's, '01484' is out now


The first of two remix EP's, '01484' is out now

Featuring remixes from Motor City Drum Ensemble and Darkstar themselves, the remix EP '01484' is out now on 12" vinyl and digital download.

Listen to 'A Day's Pay for a Day's Work (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)' below or via SoundCloud.

'01484' is available on 12" vinyl and as a digital download from,

Bleep / Amazon

“01484 and HD7 are the dial code and postal code of Huddersfield and its surrounding areas. We chose to use them on the 12”s as the remixes are an extension of the record News from Nowhere which was recorded in Slaithwaite West Yorkshire”. - Darkstar

'HD7' will be out later this year and features another two remixes by Darkstar alongside a remix by the producer Zomby.