AFX 'Hangable Auto Bulb' 10th Anniversary Reissue Out Now

Aphex Twin 

AFX 'Hangable Auto Bulb' 10th Anniversary Reissue Out Now

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their original release, Warp have reissued the legendary Hangable Auto Bulb EPs on a single CD.

As vital a historic document as there is in electronic music, the EPs were the very first to introduce the complex, cut-up breaks that have since become synonymous with Aphex Twin's work, from Richard D. James and I Care Because You Do, right through to Drukqs and the Analord series. They have of course also inspired countless other producers in the intervening years.

Originally limited to only a few thousand copies each, the two HAB volumes have become extremely rare collectors’ items, and are arguably the most valuable and sought-after of the entire Warp catalogue. Now they are brought together on a single CD, beautifully packaged by The Designers Republic.

The 'I LUV APHEX' Breezeblock special will now be shown later this year. Full details when we hear.