AntiVJ Roundhouse reviews and videos

Flying Lotus 

AntiVJ Roundhouse reviews and videos

On Saturday 22nd October Flying Lotus and Anti-VJ performed a live AV show at the Roundhouse, London.

"A producer so utterly in control of his sonic hyperreality, entering it leaves you powerless, breathless and enthralled." - Inverted Audio

"The greatest electronic music show of the year" - Spoonfed

"Ellison elevated the room into perfect chaos with the usual manner of deranged beats and playful humour" - Brainer Magazine

"Flying Lotus's music and visuals were similarly chaotic, a skittering stream of consciousness the audience stood still in front of. No matter. We were hypnotised." - The Telegraph Blog

"Looking celestial on a vast stage that resembles Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, Ellison preaches his gospel of avant garde, cross-genre mutation, and it seems the Word has lost none of its power." - The Stool Pigeon

"There’s still so much more that Flying Lotus can achieve in his quest for cosmic ascension; but he’s already taken giant steps. Tonight has been one of them" - DJ MAG

"Flying Lotus at the Roundhouse was an experience for audiophiles, art-o-philes, and anyone who wants to use his/her head to think as well as rage." - Salacious Sound

"Many-sided polygons rush past like an unfolding map of digital space. It is a modern, slicker and more monochrome version of the final journey in 2001: A Space Odyssey." - Music OMH