Listen to 'High Life' in full via Pitchfork Advance, and download the interactive iOS app updated with new song 'Lilac'

Eno • Hyde 

Listen to 'High Life' in full via Pitchfork Advance, and download the interactive iOS app updated with new song 'Lilac'

Back in May, Brian Eno, Karl Hyde and Warp partnered with Lukasz Karluk, the creator of ‘HoloDecks’ and creative studio ‘Toby and Pete’ to present an interactive ‘Augmented Reality’ iOS app. Now, to celebrate the imminent release of new album ‘High Life’, the app has been updated with a brand new song and design for ‘Lilac’, and the album is streaming in full via Pitchfork Advance.

The Eno • Hyde app is available now on the App Store as a free download and is designed to be used with your Eno ∙ Hyde vinyl record once released or a ‘virtual record’ accessible free at

Download 'Eno • Hyde' free on the App Store

‘High Life’, the second album from Eno • Hyde, was written and recorded immediately following the release of ‘Someday World’ and is released on 30th June 2014. Pre-order at,

iTunes / Bleep / Amazon / Underworld / Enoshop

'High Life' clearly displays the inspiration the partnership has taken from the repetitive minimalism of composers like Steve Reich and Phillip Glass, combined with the polyrhythmic music of Fela Kuti and funk. You can hear the album in it’s entirety right now at Pitchfork Advance, ahead of its release next week.

Listen to 'DBF' via YouTube below,

The debut album from Eno · Hyde, ‘Someday World was released 5th May 2014. Watch them perform ‘Daddy’s Car’ on Later… With Jools Holland here.

Brian Eno has experimented with several groundbreaking apps including the generative music works ‘Bloom’, ‘Air’ and ‘Trope’ (developed in conjunction with musician / software designer Peter Chilvers) to significant success.

Karl Hyde is an artist and musician, one half of Underworld and a founding member of the arts collective Tomato.

Lukasz Karluk is a new media artist working in the fields of interactive installation and generative computer art. More information about HoloDecks developed by Karluk can be seen at

Long time collaborating partners of Karluk, Toby and Pete are a multidisciplinary creative duo that produce works ranging from print & film craft, direction, installations and creative production for live music concerts.

'Someday World' is available from,

iTunes / Bleep / Amazon / Google Play
Underworld / Enoshop