New Interactive Augmented Reality App for iOS

Eno • Hyde 

New Interactive Augmented Reality App for iOS

Brian Eno, Karl Hyde and Warp have partnered with Lukasz Karluk, the creator of ‘HoloDecks’ and creative studio ‘Toby and Pete’ to present an interactive ‘Augmented Reality’ iOS app, available now on the App Store for free download.

During the recording of their new album ‘Someday World’ (out now on Warp), Brian Eno and Karl Hyde kept a large whiteboard on one wall of the studio, onto which they wrote a series of rules to guide and challenge the creative process:
"Only Strong Feelings Please"
"Every Day a New Day"
"Avoid Music"
"Work Standing Up"
"In Life Nothing Happens Twice"
"Ruthless Square Energy"
"…Build Cities on Hills"
It is the last of these statements that provides the inspiration for this new app for iOS devices - 'Eno • Hyde' - which takes the classic medium of vinyl and fuses it with image recognition and AR (augmented reality) technology in a melding of analogue and digital worlds.
After downloading the App for free on the App Store, fans can use your iOS device to watch and explore as new ‘outsider architecture’ metropolises spring into life around their vinyl copy of the album (or if you have a different format of the album, at The experience is soundtracked by the Someday World song 'Strip It Down'.
"A lot of the nicer cities I know are cities built on hills, and the cities are beautiful because the buildings have a challenge to adapt to. They have to mould themselves around the geology that they've formed upon. And that always makes for very interesting buildings, because they can't just be blocks, they have to somehow morph around the environment. A lot of the constructions on the album were deliberately irregular and awkward.”"
- Brian Eno on ‘Cities Built on Hills'
"When we saw HoloDecks' work we knew that was just what Brian and Karl were looking for. It is an honour to be part of Eno’s latest exploration in interactive and generative apps and Hyde's first. And in a way that is so connected to the birth of the music. We really look forward to seeing what fans make of it."
- Steven Hill, Warp Records

'Someday World' by Eno • Hyde is available now on special edition 2CD, CD, LP and digitally from,

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