Best of Artists' Press 2013 #2

Warp Records 

Best of Artists' Press 2013 #2

(PART 2) Read what others have said about this year's key releases. From Jackson and his Computer Band, Nightmares On Wax, Clark, and Darkstar


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'G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)'
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“His follow-up, Glow, isn’t troubled by trends: It’s an eccentric, all-consuming blizzard.” - The Guardian

“’s conceivable that Jackson Fourgeaud, one of the most gifted producers of his generation, has spent every waking moment since 2005’s Smash endlessly fine-tuning each second of this deeply voluptuous record.” - Vice

“Glow is that rarest of beasts: a dance album that is equally as good on the dancefloor as it is at home.” - Clash

“Laced with menace and atomically sonic, this second coming is nothing short of a masterclass in dark craft.” - Mixmag

“Glow is, from start to finish, an absolute blast.” There aren’t many records to come out this year, least of all on a label like Warp, that are so fun, unpretentious and unashamedly uncool as Glow.” - Dummy


'Feelin' Good'
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“Feelin’ Good has even more bells and whistles: it’s built from the bottom up, with real musicians playing real instruments, and in places is genuinely orchestral.” - Resident Advisor

“Once more, Nightmares On Wax provide the backing music to the party; once more, your enjoyment is only limited by your imagination.” - The Line of Best Fit

“It’s an odd yet pleasing choice of crowning glory on an album that’s positively teeming with shows of class.” - Rocksucker

“It’s a pleasant surprise then to listen to Feelin’ Good, the first Nightmares On Wax album proper in five years, and to be greeted by their most coherent, enjoyable music since the peak years at the end of the last century.” - MusicOMH


'Feast / Beast'
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“The fact is works as well as it does is a vindication of a career which has always balanced on the cutting edge, and best of all, a career which promises so much more.” - Drowned In Sound

“What is clear to anyone who has heard Clark’s work is that it stands up there with the best of them. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, who are all Warp Records contemporaries pushing sonic and genre boundaries; Clark fits perfectly amongst such luminaries.” “You would be silly not to own this exceptional collection of some of the best music being produced in the electronic field.” - Louder Than War


'News From Nowhere'
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“They’re further from the dancefloor than ever - but Darkstar are picking up new tricks as they go.” - BBC

“It’s a flattering makeover...taking an indieish dreamscape sound usually dominated by US bands and dressing it up with a flourish of British nightlife.” - The Guardian

“...a twinkling set of song that benefit from Wild Beasts soundman Richard Formby’s gossamer production touch.” - NME

“News From Nowhere is designed more for late-night listening in a moodily lit lounge than mirrorball action.” - Metro

“The addition of choirboy-on-acid vocalist James Buttery has added real depth to the warped psychedelic pop of their second album.” - The Times

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