Best of Artists' Press 2013 #1

Warp Records 

Best of Artists' Press 2013 #1

Read what others have said about this year's key releases. From kwes. and Mount Kimbie to Boards of Canada and Oneohtrix Point Never.

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“There’s something distinct and unusually ebullient about his electronic balladeering.” - The Guardian

“You don’t always knows where Kwes is going but he makes you want to stick with it.” - Metro

“If The Roots, Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt made an album, it might turn out something like ‘ilp’: shape-shifting hip-hop beats, ominous drones and a voice that veers from flexible to fragile halfway through a note, tugging away at your heartstrings as it does so.” - Sunday Times

"boasts both a sweet, melancholic accessibility and a savant's knowledge of electrical music-making gadgets" - SPIN

"unfailingly warm and enveloping" - Billboard

“A vivid, shape-shifting debut album.” - Uncut

“The album is, quite simply, a bundle of joy.” - Clash

“His introversion pulls you into his unique soundscape.” - NME


'Tomorrow's Harvest'
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“Tomorrow’s Harvest is their most cinematic and vast-sounding album yet, suggestive of barren plains and burning skies, wonder and dread, watching and being watched.” “Tomorrow’s Harvest may not shout for your attention, but it certainly rewards it.” - The Guardian

“Tomorrow’s Harvest is a dark, often uncomfortable affair, more nuclear winter than summer anthem.” - NME

“There is joy in these grooves; the attentive care of studio perfectionists, and the warm embrace of an old friend.” - The Independent

“This is a dark and deep collection of unearthly electronic symphonies.” - The Times

"phenomenal" - Rolling Stone

"Boards of Canada have never sounded better" - Spin

“rich in moody suspense” - New York Times

"Boards of Canada’s moodiest record, a full-length tinted with atmosphere that unfolds slowly and is happy to allow you to come to it" - Pitchfork (Best New Music)

“Anyone whose mind was readjusted by their magnificent debut Music Has The Rights To Children will be more than impressed. Everyone else: prepare to be indoctrinated.” - Time Out

“Edinburgh brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin sound like they’re luxuriating in their own glorious cacophony.” - The Scotsman

“Boards Of Canada have laid out a riddle we won’t tire of teasing out, embedded in a timeless sound like no other.” - Resident Advisor

“...they’ve saved their finest ideas for Tomorrow’s Harvest, which burns as brightly as anything they have accomplished thus far.” - Clash

“It’s an album that, in the age of the split-second news cycle, demands to be approached in a measured, thoughtful fashion…” - Fact Mag


'R Plus Seven'
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“If you were looking around for 2013’s Aphex Twin, the electronic guru working closest to the zeitgeist, you need look no further than Daniel Lopatin.” - NME

“It is what a dream would sound like, as faces and surroundings dissolve and evolve with focal points always remaining just out of sight.” - Drowned In Sound

“R Plus Seven marks not only an important milestone for Oneohtrix Point Never, but also for the broader historical continuum of electronic music.” - The Quietus

“R Plus Seven is unrelentingly individualistic...disquieting divinity, duly delivered.” - Clash

“R Plus Seven marks a departure from the dour trappings of previous output, embracing a more colourful, and at times jubilant, sound.” - Mixmag

"His textural, ethereal work brims with dark ideas and realized wanderlust" - NY Times

“…elicits deep emotion from atmospheric riffs and samples of voices reduced to hiccups and sighs, with dollops of wholesome beauty.” - Rolling Stone

“R Plus Seven is an astounding thing to behold, a perfectly imperfect and downright breathtaking masterpiece" - XLR8R


'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth'
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“...Kimbie’s level of invention are such that this album still feels tricksy and cutting-edge.” - The Guardian

“It’s an album that claws for attention, the careful nuances, shuffling rhythms and strange emotions of their first outing fine-tuned into something unmissable.” - NME

“It’s a bigger sounding record that never surrenders its sense of mystery...there’s insularity to this music but also exhilarating warmth.” - Metro

“’s an accomplished, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable body of work that will be playing again and again and again…” - Drowned In Sound

“The new LP embellishes the introspective plink-plonk percussion that marked the group's early releases with live instrumentation and vocal hooks.” - Billboard

"nudging their way toward the dancefloor, interested in filling space as much clearing room for it" - Pitchfork

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