AMA on We Are The Music Makers


AMA on We Are The Music Makers

Thanks to We Are The Music Makers who organised and hosted an Ask Autechre Anything at the beginning of November. The thread received over 4000 posts, take some time to read through a few highlights below.

Head to the WATMM website for the full thread, you can also see a neat round up of all the questions and answers from Sean and Rob as a Google Spreadsheet here.

futureimage:"Whilst being prolific in terms of bespoke software design for your own music, have you considered designing a manufactured hardware product?"

Sean Ae: "tbh it's tricky cos part of the reason we make software is so that we can hack it easily, and save tons of versions. and the way everything integrates is bespoke as well, the protocols etc; that's such a big part of it that it's hard to make a one box solution or something that integrates with midi (or other equally lame or ancient protocols) that well.

we do bounce ideas a lot tho. we'd probably use fpaa and fpga pretty heavily if we did anything, so it could be part modular analogue but still have decent patch storage."

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kieselguhr kid:"most of the music you release - while being rather 'abstract' and always innovative - is still clearly rooted in popular music genres like hip hop, electronica, techno etc.

do you ever produce stuff that tends towards a more rigidly 'experimental' or 'academic' tradition of electronic music (like GRM, dockstader, xenakis etc)?"

Sean Ae:"lol rigid

see that's the problem innit, all that freedom and they go and buy a strait jacket"

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rd1994: "do you think about emotions when making tracks? becuase I played VLETmx for a friend of mine and he found it so emotional that he literally broke down and cried"

Rob Ae:"Crumbs! Yeah some track, actually many are (hard to explain really but...) expected to have some effect, i mean personally i feel emotion in our tracks and i hope others do too, but its pointless to try to predict exactly what or how it will affect ppl if we dont really know the person well. Or at all."

vincentvc:"What's your favorite western movie? (i need it for school)"

Sean Ae:"once upon a time in the west"

Rob Ae: "A Fist Full of Travellers Cheques"

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Credit to We Are The Music Makers for organising the Ask Autechre Anything event.

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