Listen to the 'Bad Jokes' Mixtape

Jeremiah Jae 

Listen to the 'Bad Jokes' Mixtape

Listen to Jeremiah Jae's 'Bad Jokes' Mixtape.

‘Bad Jokes’ is the new mixtape from rapper/producer Jeremiah Jae. It features fellow Black Jungle Squad crew Israel and Oliver the 2nd. Production comes from Jae, Jonwayne, Oliver the 2nd, and Flying Lotus. Jokes told by Jonwayne, Samiyam, Richard Pryor, and special guests.

As founding member of Black Jungle Squad, Jae recently dropped 'RawHyde' with Oliver the 2nd, YBP's 'Gesus', ‘Raw Money Raps’ on FlyLo’s Brainfeeder label.

Listen to 'Bad Jokes' Mixtape below:

Tracklist - 'Bad Jokes' Mixtape -

01 Evil Laugh - prod. by Jeremiah Jae
02 King Raid - prod. by Jeremiah Jae
03 Seventy 8 - prod. by Jonwayne
04 Oatmeal Face - prod. by Flying Lotus
05 Soul Yoga (Indian Man) ft. Isreal - prod. by Oliver the 2nd
06 Pervert - prod. by Jeremiah Jae
07 Bad Jokes - prod. by Jeremiah Jae
08 Guns N Butter ft. Oliver the 2nd - prod. by Jeremiah Jae
09 Court Jester - prod. by Jeremiah Jae