‘Saint Thomas’ live session


‘Saint Thomas’ live session


Bibio has shared a new live session for ‘Saint Thomas’, the penultimate track on his most recent album ‘A Mineral Love’. 

On the making of ‘Saint Thomas’, Bibio explains that the track formed from “playing guitar in counterpoint with a single repeat echo and came up with the foundations of this piece[...] I wanted to develop the piece further so the echo part wasn't just a carbon copy of what I was playing, but instead I wanted it to be a modified copy, with different melodic lines that harmonise with my part (the lead line).”

“I scrapped the machine echo in order to replace it with a human echo, so I decided to invite my friend Thomas Dwyer to get involved, who has worked as a session guitarist and session bassist for me on previous videos. I knew Tommy would have the ability to play 'behind' my lead line as an echo (which is a tricky thing to do), but also the keen ear to help modify his part in order to create a more evolved 'echo'”.

Bibio • ‘A Mineral Love’

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