Black Holes In The Sand EP


Black Holes In The Sand EP

Gravenhurst's new EP "Black Holes In the Sand" is out now.

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The Ep marks a significant progression for Gravenhurst - the sonic elements of the previous record have been magnified, the undercurrent of lyrical dread intensified, yet the title track is as immediate and approachable as anything on the previous album.

‘Still Water', a beautiful, strange song evoking images of lost civilisations and cultural entropy, quickly collapses into a Velvets-inspired wig-out complete with shredding Telecasters, tambourines and shaky Moe Tucker percussion. The rural elements of the album ‘Flashlight Seasons’ are extended with the epic 'Flowers in Her Hair', then stretched to breaking point with a cover of Hüsker Dü's ‘Diane’, reinterpreting a punk classic as a murder ballad.


The critically-acclaimed album "Flashlight Seasons" is out now - previously released in a limited quantity on SILENT AGE RECORDS it has been beautifully packaged in high quality sleeve with engravings by Will Schaff, available on single vinyl LP and digipack CD.


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Nick Talbot (aka Gravenhurst):

Thinks that Guided By Voices are the best band in the world (although on another day it could be Bert Jansch, Hüsker Dü or Fairport Convention).

Moved to Bristol in the late ‘90s, drawn by work from the likes of Third Eye Foundation and Flying Saucer Attack.
Was a member of Assembly Communications, a My Bloody Valentine-esque troupe whose swift A&R showcase-abetted rise felt uncomfortably beyond the control of the band members themselves.

Embarked on the DIY path and founded Silent Age Records. Released his debut album, ‘Internal Travels’, as well as the early works of such West Country luminaries as Mole Harness and War Against Sleep (now signed to Fire Records). Also found time to partner Guy Bartell in establishing and maintaining the horror-evoking, experi-electronica outfit, Bronnt Industries Kapital.

First released ‘Flashlight Seasons’ on Silent Age in 2003, a more complex work than the sparse debut long player, not least thanks to the increased use of drone-heavy arrangements in sustaining that ‘foreboding’ mood. Awarded ‘Album of the Year’ by West Country listings bible, Venue magazine.

"I’ve had a modus operandi, which is pretty much recording in my bedroom and overlaying stuff, and everything I’ve written has borne that in mind. I’ve always been a fan of home recording and four tracks – you can kill a band easier than you can improve it in a studio. That said, I really hope now that the three of us [the live band comprising drummer Dave Collingwood and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Paul Nash] will develop into a folk-Stereolab-Crazyhorse." It’s probably important to note that Nick laughs as he says this. But not too hard..

Gravenhurst Desert Island Discs

1) my bloody valentine - come in alone
if the desert island i was stranded on was peopled by a primitive tribe I would use this song to demonstrate the art of guitar playing in the 20th century

2) the smiths - there is a light that never goes out
this song could be used to school a primitive civilsation in the use of darkly humourous melancholy and flamboyant guitar overlays

3) depeche mode - enjoy the silence
demonstrating to the tribe the art of dark, sensual, meticulously arranged synth pop

4) can - i want more
who knows, maybe me and the tribe will hit it off. maybe we'll get loaded. maybe we'll have a party.

5) can - bel air
With only ten songs to listen to forever, i will soon get very bored of them. this song is twenty minutes long, so that might help a bit.

6) bert jansch - jack orion
the tribe have become bored of my music. they decide to eat me. they allow me one last song, and I choose a blues influenced fingerstyle interpretation of a traditional english folk song played by the jimmy hendrix of acoustic guitar. clocking in at nine minutes and fifty seconds, this song might give me enough time to plan my escape

7) husker du - green eyes
perhaps if the tribe just understood that without this band we wouldn't have had the pixies or nirvana, they wouldn't eat me, but just grill me for interesting bits of indie rock trivia

8) augustus pablo - king tubbys meets rockers uptown
maybe there is a shit load of pot growing on this island

9) joy division - shadowplay
this song changed my life. maybe it will change it again, and somehow get me off this fucking island

10) gravenhurst - black holes in the sand
everything is absolutely fine. it turns out that the tribe are massive Gravenhurst fans.