Debut album released on 24 February

Children Of Alice 

Debut album released on 24 February


We're excited to announce the debut album from Children Of Alice, a collaborative triad consisting of Broadcast’s James Cargill, Roj Stevens (ex Broadcast) and Julian House (Ghost Box Records, The Focus Group). 

Children of Alice have been quietly producing soundscapes as part of the Folklore Tapes collective for a number of years now, beginning in 2013 with Harbinger of Spring on the shared Ornithology release. The name Children of Alice was chosen as an act of tribute to the late Trish Keenan, for whom Alice in Wonderland and in particular Jonathan Miller’s adaptation, was a presiding inspiration.

This self-titled album, released on 24 February, brings together their entire output to date, on their first widely available release.

  1. Children Of Alice - The Harbinger of Spring
  2. Children Of Alice - Rite of the Maypole - An Unruly Procession
  3. Children Of Alice - Invocation of a Midsummer Reverie
  4. Children Of Alice - The Liminal Space