Clarence Park Expanded Edition out now


Clarence Park Expanded Edition out now

2012 has been a big year for Clark. Following the full-length album Iradelphic and EP Fantasm Planes, Clark's debut album 'Clarence Park' (first released in April 2001) is now reissued in a new version, with the 8-track Throttle Clarence EP and 5 previously unreleased songs from the period featuring as additional tracks.

Clarence Park Expanded Edition is in stores now, and digitally on Bleep, iTunes & Amazon

Clark says about the reissue:

"The idea came to re-release this "redux" version when Steve Beckett kept on texting me at Warp20 "play my Sabbath".
He's really into that tune, I'm sort of pretty into it, I think I prefer Racloir. Sabbath took less time to make then it actually lasts.

Anyway......The whole ethos behind this era, late teens to early twenties, was short sharp bursts of music making. I would delete the things as soon as I had recorded them to tape, no fussing. I suppose I retain abit of that method now, although my music as of late has been completely different.

Anyway part 2, I've set bunch of tracks aside from the archives that were made around that time and fit into the spirit of Clarence Park. I hope I chose the ones that still hold up, the ones with hooks, rather than the extended jams made out of timestretched white noise and field recordings of exploding toys etc."

In addition, as of today the artist name of the other early album 'Empty the Bones of You' and the EP 'Ceramics Is The Bomb' has been changed to 'Clark' on digital services, finally bringing all the catalogue under one single artist name.