‘Bobbie Caris’ digital and vinyl now available worldwide


‘Bobbie Caris’ digital and vinyl now available worldwide


To celebrate the end of a very extensive touring period across the Globe, Clark can now announce the release of “Bobbie Caris / Idle Withdrawal” split 12” with Com Truise. The vinyl was originally only available to fans on the US stint of shows but it’s now available to everyone via Bleep. Stream ‘Bobbie Caris’ and read the origin story below.

“I find this track hilarious. There is no need for a Prophet 6 to sound that cocky and sure of itself. I love the interface and workflow of P6 but my oh-my-does she need some gain staging....

Re: the title. I recorded tons of Death Peak material with this kids choir. At some point I really started running out of ideas. It was quite over whelming getting them all sounding proper job on Catastrophe Anthem-that felt like top drawer "serious ooh this music is the special music stuff " music.

At some point, I got bored of serious, and the thought of a choir singing my friends name "Bobbie Caris" on repeat x 10000 seemed pretty funny

Look I don't fucking know, alright. It’s probably abit Graham Norton or something. Maybe I’m losing it. But Bobbie Caris is a great friend of mine and a synth hook and snappy knock-yer-eyebrows-into-yer-chin beat, well it’s the least I can do for him.....

It's a sick beat though. It sounded quite "nice" and almost abit "mner" but then I corrected the groove, and parallel processed it through 5 bits of chunky valve eq/compression hardware- it started asserting itself.

I wish Fentanyl didn't exist and Prince wasn't dead. I'd love Prince to nail some vox on this one.”

—Chris Clark

‘Bobbie Caris / Idle Withdrawal’ – Out Now

Purchase the 12” on Bleep and stream the release on Spotify below.