Competition Winners


Competition Winners


Milanese's 6-track mini album "1 Up" was released in Sept 2004.

We ran a competition to win a piece of Milanese's own studio equipment, a Yamaha DD6 Drum Machine - hardly top of the range but with some big bashable pads for live use, and featuring some 'special modifications' by Milanese himself enabling it to produce some screwed up sounds [ more possible mods ] We asked people to submit a short story of their own construction, and Milanese would pick a winner & Runner up ::

WINNER :: Timothy Michael

Welcome to job search, please type your name and any personal details you may wish to share with us... He blinked, empty to the screen. Today was the first morning he had seen in over four years. Beautiful strange grey, holding the sun low, hugging a skeleton building skyline. All the different colours and the strange lives he saw lead by early daylight had dragged him here, to this screen. But he had not seen the world in these strange colours before this morning. Had he dreamt for this long? Is this where his friends had gone? Morning people, that’s where they went. Gutted, hung up minds, working lives.

Please type your name and any personal details you may wish to share with us... “I can’t become ordinary. I can’t let that happen.” He typed erratically as if to get a head start avoiding regularity. That’s when he felt it. The building had moved. He looked out the window, all the buildings had shuffled. He rubbed his eyes and drummed the keyboard again. “The buildings outside my apartment have swapped places.” He felt the building shudder for the second time. The buildings looked farther away. He stood and stared through his apartment window. Clasping the keyboard, he pressed a key. A slight quiver. He beat out another few letters, the buildings hopped slightly. Then, drumming out keys, the buildings moved closer. Beating the keyboard, the whole damn world came moving. "UY ^#r85i7y kgf8i75d,mn ovc8" Keys flew from the keyboard as spastic rhythm shook every office desk in every building that danced. Hammering a citywide waltz, he broke more keys from the board. Slamming it against walls, the buildings leaped and crashed down through subways and water-mains. He dropped the board and crashed, pulsing, into the walls of his bedroom room. The city kept moving. He shook voodoo crazy to unheard rhythms as the city scape drummed chaos. Car alarms, twisted metal yawning, shifting concrete. The city was leaving the ordinary lives it accommodated. Leaving his apartment, he took the city with him. Leaving behind those who forgot how to live in it... a
keyboard pied piper.

RUNNER UP :: Paul Knobbs

Human evolution has ended, there’s not further we can go, it’s time for others to have their time, the fragile hegemony is over…The last line was complete, he stood up, pulled the final page off the type writer adding it to the substantial pile, neatly assembled to the right of the table. The office chair swung easily, he rotated a couple of times and enjoyed the faint nausea. Lifting his deadweight with his arms he stepped to the floor, walked across the room and opened the large window, the hot air drilled into his cracked skin. Looking across the city he surveyed what he never understood, the fading sun cast a purple hue over the decaying sprawl. He climbed out of the window onto the ledge and peered downwards; his glasses
slid from his nose. He tried to remember his first step as he took his last.


A native Londoner now based in sunny Birmingham, Milanese made his debut with the 12" Arcola release ARC06.

If that 12" was a masterful slice of banging 4/4 mainroom techno, "1Up" takes a turn for the grimier side - from the digital dub holocaust of ‘Billy Hologram’, jungle audio terror and destruction on ‘So Malleable’; the clash and clatter breakbeats of ‘Flex’ plus the occasional vocal eruption guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of pets and any small children within earshot.

The title "1Up" is an old school video gaming reference, and the 8bit gaming influences are echoed both on the artwork and in the music itself - with 'cowboy' making effective use of the LFO/E.T. favourite SpeakAndSpell machine.