Cork -> Dublin -> Newcastle -> 93 Feet East -> V&A

Aphex Twin 

Cork -> Dublin -> Newcastle -> 93 Feet East -> V&A

Aphex and his Rephlex posse have been very busy over the last week making people dance.

It was off to Cork, Ireland on the 23rd of August for a Braindance party in a 300 capacity club to get things going.

Rave master general DJ Maddog Wallace starts the pace slow inviting people onto floor to 'jack' to his specialist selection of old acid house. As the tempo picks up and the floor gets busier the music smoothly flows into what sounds like strange Aphex music. It's hard to see that is actually Aleksi Perala aka Ovuca in control of the sound now cos he seems to have inherited the classic "crouch behind the decks" DJ position from RDJ. Ovuca's music is getting people going mental but in a very calm way, everyone really does think Richard is playing! The beautiful underlying vocal chords and weird production twists is total Aphex influence but Ovuca is building on the style, not diluting and it sounds very good.

Without anyone noticing Rich is now in control. After some amazing squidgy Aphex house, the beats soon become a little harsher and the atmosphere more frenzied. The tempo flows up-and-down-up-and-down from Jungle to hip-hop to gabba and back again .. the floor is packed and the crowd are loving it. At one point there is definitely a new Squarepusher track dropped, its absolutely awesome.. and then all the beats drop away and the space-bass exploration track "gwarek2" from the "drukqs" hummmms through the speakers and into our brains.

Bogdan sways over to his laptop and presses play and then swaggers over to the front of the stage. No one is sure if its his music or if Rich is still playing... rave confusion!

An unreleased Raczynski rave tune succeeds in extracting every last little bit of energy from the crowd as they pogo into one-another, when the lights go up there is a very satisfied feeling emanating from the sea of sweaty faces.

5 hour drive to Dublin.

We park up next to the Temple Bar Music Centre to be greeted by the promoter for the night, a man who does more for mental/good music in Ireland than any other, Paul Timmony .. !respect!

Sound check, more spliffs, food, loads of vodka and then its the acid house connoisseur and Rephlex energiser Grant Wilson Claridge up on the decks again. The atmosphere is more fiery tonight, people have been waiting along time to see the Aphex Twin. A second listen to Ovuca's set is much appreciated to get to the bottom of his tricky production .. hmmm, yes very nice on the brain, sort of a cross between early Aphex and BOC.

When Rich comes on the crowd go crazy.

There are people crawling under the DJ desk to get a peek at him!.. doesn't seem to phase Rich.. in fact the atmosphere behind the decks is totally chilled, well, apart from Bogdan who seems to be consuming an awful amount of cheap vodka. Rich springs up from behind the desk as he drops "Cock/ver 10", the crowd erupts - he does a little rave gyration.

Where’s Bogdan? he's supposed to be on in a minute but he's no-where to be seen, there’s only an empty vodka bottle where he'd been sitting.. Grant runs off back stage and comes back with a floppy looking Mr Raczynski.

The rest is history.

Bogdan's set certainly stunned the Irish crowd on that memorable night and had the forums ablaze on Saturday morning with people worried that he was dead.

With confusion factor through the roof and the crowd chanting "cum tee daddy, cum tee daddy" Rich steps back up and slaps on Come To Daddy. (((boom)))

In the morning RDJ heads off to Newcastlefor a gig with Mike Dred and we stay on for a beach party taking place in the middle of no-where 1 hours drive from Dublin. We arrive at 1am and walk for 30mins to find 700 people completely off their heads dancing to techno. :)

At 4am Grant's acid riffs cut through the monotonous beats and, after a little pondering, everyone realises that the music now playing is about 2000% better fun to dance to than the earlier stuff.

The only weird part of the night being when a girl runs up to the decks, grabs the microphone and screams over the rave music that her friend has fallen on his head and needs help, the fact that she fails to tell people where he is only adds to the confusion.

Nick Rephlex follows up with a stomping jungle set as the sun comes up and we get to see exactly how beautiful this secluded stretch of beach really is.

Back to London.

The 93 Feet East club on Brick Lane is rammed!

Aphex is on super early and Bogdan is back.
It can be very tricky to get a London crowd to loosen up and go for it on the dance floor. This is a Wednesday night with the music ending at 11pm and there are loads of sweaty girls and boys raving on the stage .. Rephlex are doing something right!

[OCT 15: Bogdan, Robert Normandeau, Pierre Bastien @ The Barbican in London for the 'Stockhausen Elektronic Festival']

The Victoria and Albert is one of London's most respected museums and is normally a very quiet place, especially with the current installation of delicate glasswork by Chihuly.
But on the 31st Aug 2001 V&A played host to a rave!
How, why and will it ever happen again can only be answered by one certain London promoter and ex-warp employee, Joana Seguro.
The evening gave people a chance to appreciate amazing music in an amazing space and was a roaring success from start to finish.

Here's who played:

Rob Hall
Richard James

Duplo Remote (Fat Cat)
Fat Cat's Split Dj Set

People Like Us with Semiconductor visuals
Dj x Dj (Mute)
Touch presents Hazard with Touch visuals

Cylob's new album Mood Bells on Loop