LUX out now. 'Day of Light' audiovisual experience commences tomorrow, November 17th 2012

Brian Eno 

LUX out now. 'Day of Light' audiovisual experience commences tomorrow, November 17th 2012

A special audiovisual experience with Brian Eno’s LUX will commence tomorrow around the globe for a Day of Light - 17th November, 2012

LUX, Eno's first solo album in 7 years, is a 75-minute piece in twelve parts and was itself inspired by the play of light through the window of his studio. To celebrate its release, listeners around the world are invited to contribute images and photos to document a DAY OF LIGHT, under the general theme 'play of light' - a working title for the album.

LUX will be broadcast live and in full from four seperate points tomorrow, Saturday 17th November. During the broadcasts, everyone is invited to upload their own photographs of light from their locations around the world.

These photographs will be curated by Eno and his team in real-time, and the results made viewable to the world as an evolving, live and user-generated accompaniment to the music. While all photograph submissions on this theme are welcomed, Eno particularly encourages fans to take pictures of subjects as the light of your day changes, perhaps out of the window of the room where you are listening to the album.

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A day of light follows a series of special listening events for the album, from online premieres with SPIN (US), Q (UK), Der Spiegel (Germany), La Republica (Italy), Les Inrocks (France), The Vine (Australia), Cinra (Japan), De Morgan (Belgium) and live playback events at Sydney Opera House (Sydney), St Pancras Old Church (London), The Church of All Nations (New York) and throughout Terminal 2 at Japan's biggest airport Haneda (Tokyo). The latter a noted connection to his famous 1978 ambient work, Music For Airports.

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"[LUX] turns any living room into an art installation where interesting things may or may not happen, and its lack of direction and specificity is in its own way brave. Sometimes it's hard to not say anything; Brian Eno is doing just that, once again, and beautifully." - Pitchfork 8.0

“[listeners] will find Lux the most beautiful album they’ve heard since, well, 1993” – 'Album of the Week' Sunday Times Culture

“The album drifts from sunrise strings to rise-and-fall synths to piano notes as delicate as foals taking their first steps” - NME 8/10

Brian Eno - LUX
WARP231 - CD, Vinyl & Download

1. LUX 1 (19:22)
2. LUX 2 (18:14)
3. LUX 3 (19:19)
4. LUX 4 (18:28)


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