Debut single on Warp - Dressed In Dresden with remixes by Kyle Hall, Various and Maxime

The Hundred In The Hands 

Debut single on Warp - Dressed In Dresden with remixes by Kyle Hall, Various and Maxime

In 2010, pop music sure isn’t what it used to be…especially in Brooklyn, New York. While the direct energy of punk still pervades the landscape and the ghosts of hip-hop’s past still haunt it’s streets, these are now but cells making up a larger organism, almost infinite in scope – case in point, The Hundred In The Hands.

In the interest of introductions, the epic voice you hear rippling from “Dressed in Dresden” is Eleanore Everdell, while the man behind the precision guitar lines and percussive bombast is Jason Friedman…that’s right, it’s but a duo making all that magnificent noise. Emotionally charged and intensely driving it harks back to the most classic of dance songs from NYC’s storied underground. The Hundred In The Hand’s self-description of “summertime gothic” belies more than just a dance band, and it is true that this debut single only scratches the surface of what’s to come from their imminent EP for Warp.

Calling on everything from the elegant French pop of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin to classic dub, house and post-punk it’s no wonder that a similarly far-reaching group of fellow genre-hoppers would be invited to try their hands at remixing. Detroit’s young Kyle Hall proves once again why he’s so hotly tipped to be big in 2010 by kicking up a flurry of Motor City rhythms and nimble-fingered synth work. London’s Various (aka Various Production) always make a good case for why the city is the epicenter of global bass music and their low-slung take on paranoid jeep beats is perfected here. Rounding out the overstuffed single is NYC-via-Paris party monster Maxime who flips Eleanore’s vocals into a vintage synthesizer run and aims squarely for the dancefloor.

Just don’t wear yourself out dancing to “Dressed In Dresden”, there’s plenty more to come.

Dressed in Dresden” will be released on 12”and digital on April 5th.

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The Hundred In The Hands - Dressed In Dresden
WAP292 - 12inch and Download
Released 5th/6th April 2010

A1. Dressed In Dresden - download
A2. Dressed In Dresden (Kyle MF Hall Remix)
B1. Dressed In Dresden (Various Remix)
B2. Dressed In Dresden (Maxime 2600 In My Hands Remix)

Dressed In Dresden Release Party NY & Competition

The Hundred In the Hands - live
plus friends: Jacques Renault, James Fucking Friedman, Maxime plus Gabe and Vito from The Rapture.

New York - April 6th
Santos Party House
96 Lafayette Street
doors at 7
order tickets for Santos here

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The first 40 to email with their confirmation number get a free ticket to the Dressed in Dresden release party at Santo’s Party House in NYC on April 6th.