Deluxe 'Central Market' HQ180 Audiophile Vinyl Available Now, Tyondai Interview pt. 2 and Quote Roundup

Tyondai Braxton 

Deluxe 'Central Market' HQ180 Audiophile Vinyl Available Now, Tyondai Interview pt. 2 and Quote Roundup

In September, Tyondai Braxton, member of Battles and solo artist in his own right released new album 'Central Market' to widespread praise from critics and artists alike - see below for just some of the kind words.

Now the album is available on strictly limited edition HQ180g Deluxe Audiophile Vinyl (which includes a bonus track not on the CD, a gatefold sleeve, free download card and sounds incredible!) plus we have the concluding second part of an interview with Tyondai where he discusses the tracks on Central Market in more detail... read on.

Unexpected by many, with his first solo effort on Warp Braxton set about creating orchestral music re-imagined for the 21st century. Composed, arranged and produced by Braxton, he ambitiously scored the music with the 20-piece Wordless Music Orchestra in mind (previously known for working with Johnny Greenwood on 'Popcorn Superhet Receiver'.

Alongside Nico Muhly and Brice Dessner, 'Central Market' introduces Braxton as an exceptional addition to the world of New Music composers.

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Praise for Central Market:

"i share with tyondai a sort of instrumental view on the voice. we're sort of singers that don't sing. it has been fun sharing music tastes with him , finding out that 90% of the music we both listen to is instrumental. so it was with great excitement i waited for : central market not only doesnt he sing much on it, but when he sings he treats his voice like an instrument.

i have to admit one of the greatest pleasures i got out of listening to this music was how uncategorical it was . and also how different the songs are from each other . but i can reassure you it is amazing bicycle music, has all the different epic sections that are ideal for bicycling through different streets and landscapes ... where the modern autumn of 2009 provides the visuals .

tyondai has with great ambition and detail loving hard work created music that is a mashup of 20 century music and has bravely taken an extra step : into the unknown."
- Bjork

"In an era when a lot of artists' idea of style seems to amount to a preference for one expired decade or another, Braxton points to something that's both tougher and more pleasurable: he makes his style out of nothing more or less than the kinds of shapes and colors he likes - The
result is a singular mix of Stravinsky and Black Dice, Messiaen and Eno, Reich, Hindemith, and Reznor. But really Tyondai Braxton sounds most like himself."
- Dave Longstreth / Dirty Projectors

"A total mind bender. Epic cinematic music that is packed with amazing sounds and ideas. I haven't enjoyed the sound of kazoo this much in ages."
- Fourtet

"Loony, anarchic, solemn and extremely beautiful."
- New York Times

"(Central Market) is a series of moody, challenging compositions that could be described as equal parts Glenn Gould and Brian Eno, with a dousing of Phil Spector."
- Wired

"Experimental and sly ... Central Market is searchingly big and magnanimous."
- Pitchfork, 8 out of 10

"His second solo album reveals him as a truly visionary composer ... he's fashioned a rapturous, hypermodern marvel that perfectly balances acoustic instrumentation with electronics and can shift from tranquil to tumultuous, militaristic to moving in a second."
- Time Out

"this is a confident and singular statement"
- Wire

"More Stravinsky than the Saturdays, this is still way more fun than the latter." 4 stars
- Observer Music Monthly

"Central Market is a tour de force that only grows more fascinating with repeated listens"
- Allmusic

" For his solo debut, Battles has worked with the same 50-piece ensemble that bought us Popcorn Superhet Receiver by Jonny Greenwood. And in the realm of ambitious classical side projects, this reaches the same heights."
- Dazed and Confused.

"This album is extremely ambitious, even for a man with as prestigious a pedigree as his, and the fact that the result is a complete success is more than just an indication of the extent of the man's talent."
- Milk Factory, 4.9 out of 5

"Beautifully schizophrenic but strangely satisfying."
- Rocksound,8 out of 10

"Marrying Stravinsky's 20th Century Classical, the pioneering studio techniques of Brian Eno and the No Wave ferocity of bands like Swans, Braxton delivers something brave, accomplished and completely unique"
- Mercury Recommends