Download a minimix of the upcoming 'N.O.W IS THE TIME' album by JD Twitch (Optimo)

Nightmares on Wax 

Download a minimix of the upcoming 'N.O.W IS THE TIME' album by JD Twitch (Optimo)

The Nightmares on Wax best of compilation, 'N.O.W IS THE TIME', is out 16th June (17th in North America), listen to a minimix of the album by JD Twitch (Optimo) who also appears on the 'Deep Down Edition' with his remix of 'Dextrous'.

Download 'N.O.W IS THE TIME: A JD TWITCH OPTIMO MINIMIX' via SoundCloud. The album is available to pre-order from,

Standard Edition - iTunes / Bleep / Amazon

Deep Down Edition - iTunes / Bleep / Amazon

Nightmares on Wax, one of Warp Records' initial signings, is releasing the N.O.W IS THE TIME compilation in celebration of his 25-year career, which falls in tandem with Warp's own 25th anniversary this year.

Listen to a minimix of the album by JD Twitch (Optimo), who features on the box set edition of the album with his remix of ‘Dextrous’.

The producer says of Nightmares On Wax:

“I clearly remember going into FOPP in Glasgow in 1989 and the girl behind the counter excitedly handing me a 12" in a distinctive purple sleeve on some new label from Sheffield called Warp. The record was "Dextrous" by Nightmares On Wax and it sounded like the future. I played it 4 times over the course of the night at my weekly gig in Edinburgh that weekend which was something I would never normally do and every time the cheers got louder and louder. I still play it to this day. If someone back then had told me that one day I'd end up remixing it my brain would have probably exploded on the spot.”

Last week we revealed a documentary, directed by Rollo Jackson, giving insight into NOW’s long-standing career and 25 years of music history. Evelyn (also known as DJ E.A.S.E) came up in the 80s UK B-Boy and graffiti scene enamored with New York hip-hop and was an innovator in merging those sounds and feelings with the popular sounds of the UK at that time to pioneer what became dubbed "trip-hop." Releasing classic albums such as 'Smokers Delight' and 'Carboot Soul' and working with the likes of De La Soul and Roots Manuva established NOW as one of the definitive purveyors of hip-hop, funk, dub and soul. 25 years on, his fanbase is still growing.

Watch 'N.O.W IS THE TIME DOCUMENTARY' via YouTube below or on Vimeo,

Nightmares On Wax will be playing a Rough Trade East in-store on June 12th before embarking on an expansive international tour.

More information and full list of tour dates are available here.