Read some of the features and reviews of Warp’s artists this year

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Read some of the features and reviews of Warp’s artists this year



“I wanted to do gigs where you’ve just got mirrors on the stage, and then you light the crowd so all they can see is themselves. It’s just like, ‘There you go, it's you, you cunts.’”
Strange Visitor: A Conversation with Aphex Twin by Philip Sherburne for Pitchfork

Aphex Twin also spoke to Rolling Stone and Q.


“He’s not reverent with his source material, and that's none more evident than in his use of field recordings and found sounds, which are deployed and reshapen in strange and interesting ways.”
Found Sound: Clark in Dummy

February 18 – Reddit AMA

October 15 – Proper Hi-Fi: Ten Essential Clark Songs on Pitchfork

October 28 – Interview with Michelle Lhooq for Thump

November 27 – Sonic Worlds: Clark’s Favourite Albums - The Quietus


“This is something that exists without having a definition. I think that’s the beauty of it. The colour exists, but there’s no definitive shade of ‘future brown’.”
Future Brown Makes Music For The World We Actually Live In by Ruth Saxelby for The Fader

February 7 – The Guardian on the underground dance supergroup

October 2 – ‘Rising’ by Pitchfork


“When the nose gets a funny smell, you pick it up very quickly. And when the mouth keeps on eating the same thing, you end up not feeling the taste anymore. And the ears are like that, too - they keep on listening to the same beat, the same style, but when they hear something new, the ears say, ‘Oh wow, this is good for my ears.’ People are happy to hear something new that they’ve never heard before.”
Nozinja interview: “All the nation dances. It’s a matter of growing with that.” in Dummy


“It's more about power (...) sculpting the energy rather than sculpting the music. It’s kind of like a mental exercise for me.”
Nine Inch Nails Opener Oneohtrix Point Never Talks ‘Cyberdrones,’ Slimescapes, and Whammy Bars by Harley Brown for Billboard

October 1 – Interview with The Quietus

May 4 – “Electronic music has a built-in shame aspect”, Miami New Times


“Jason Reitman seemed to like everything I played; it all felt very perfect, like dream come true stuff”
Stream Bibio’s soundtrack for Men, Women & Children by Sam Ashurst for Dazed

January 27 – Lior Phillips interview for The 405


“Deciding that any one project of Eno’s is a collaboration seems off, because collaboration is Eno’s primary mode. Eno’s first recorded work was the sound of a pen hitting a lamp. Who deserves credit for that – Eno, the pen, or the lamp?”
Ambient Genius: The working life of Brian Eno by Sasha Frere-Jones for The New Yorker


“Ellison’s music, like the man himself, is tumultuous, taking daredevil risks and embracing chaos, smashing together disparate sounds yet retaining a firm sense of control.”
Cover Story: Flying Lotus Confronts Death by Andy Beta for The Fader

May 4 – Conversation with Music at the House

September 10 – An update via Pitchfork

September 25 – The Evolution... via Noisey

November 4 – Flying Lotus interviews Herbie Hancok for Grammy U


“Eye-level intellectualism tempered by enough swagger and style to plant the discourse squarely on the street corner rather than in the halls of academia. It knocks, several ways. Open the door.”
First Listen: Jeremiah Jae, ‘Good Times’ by Timmhotep Aku for NPR


“Such an amazing song on it’s own , but that groove ! That bass line! I’m a massive EWF fan...”
Nightmares on Wax’s Favourite Hip-hop Samples by Mia Zur-Szpiro for Stamp The Wax

June 3 - On turning 25 via The Skinny

July 1 - George talks to MetroTimes during his US tour


“As we talk now, ‘ESTOILE NAIANT’ continues. As someone who I'll never speak to listens to it in two weeks’ time, it continues.”
Unbounded Exploration: An Interview With patten by Dale Berning for The Quietus

May 15 - A profile on Milk Made

August 8 - A quick catch-up with Dummy


“It’s escapist in the positive sense. It’s fighting music...’
Sounds Of Silver: Plaid Interview + Album Stream via Clash

July 1 - AMA via Reddit


“Using robots has this eerie narrative associated with it – the twilight area between human and machine. It’s just a box of tricks, but it still haunts us because we see it as an impression of ourselves.”
Meet the robot guitarist with 78 fingers by Sheena McKenzie for CNN


‘Green Language’ is actually a sort of esoteric, kind of mystical language that birds and animals speak to each other – a language that came before humans”
Rustie on Speaking Animals’ Languages and Recording at 30,000 Feet by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd for Rolling Stone


Explore a series of articles via Thump celebrating 25 years of Warp here.

The year has provided plenty of insight in to the work of Warp’s artists, we have compiled a few of those features and any mentions in end of year lists to review our year.


Explore a non-exhaustive list of Warp releases that have featured in best-of lists this year followed by some highlights in features and interviews surrounding our artists this year.

Aphex Twin – ‘Syro’, album of the year lists via NPR, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, NME and The Guardian

Flying Lotus – ‘You're Dead!’, best video via Consequence of Sound and The Verge and in best of year lists courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone.

Eno • Hyde – ‘High Life’, Under The Radar, Urban Outfitters and Popmatters.

Clark – ‘Clark’, features in albums of the year lists from PopDin, Pitchfork, AllMusic, A.V. Club and Under The Radar whilst XLR8R also featured ‘The Grit In The Pearl’ in its best tracks of 2014.

Pitchfork also featured Oneohtrix Point Never, Rustie and Aphex Twin in their best album covers of 2014 list.