“It feels like a genuine next-generation moment”, read reviews of the new album from Rolling Stone and more

Future Brown 

“It feels like a genuine next-generation moment”, read reviews of the new album from Rolling Stone and more


‘Future Brown’ was released earlier this week and has since been reviewed by Rolling Stone, Mixmag, NME and more. Read through a selection below.

The album is available on LP, CD and digitally.

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“club music crafted under quarantine where elements are distilled and fused to create brand new shades.”
Crack Magazine, 16/20

“Songs cruise with a modernistic sheen through a mix of styles, from R&B to dancehall”
Financial Times, 4****

“It feels like a genuine next-generation moment.”
Rolling Stone, 4****

“As culturally diverse as it all is, it’s the tonal depth of the assembly that creates an engaging synergy.”

“mightily impressive”
NME, 7

The Observer, 4****

“Future Brown has managed a serious coup here: an album that is pristine and powerful in nearly every which way and, in a very real sense, giving life.”
Jana Hunter of Lower Dens for The Talkhouse

“Future Brown’s eponymous LP swirls with open aired magnetism, at once inclusive and intimate as a celebration of seemingly disparate sounds come together.”
HipHop DX, 4****

“Future Brown are world beaters”

The Quietus

“The future’s bright, people, and the future is most definitely an intense shade of Brown.”
Press Play, 4****

“consistent, thrilling and boasts high replay value”
The 405, 8/10

“Un ‘super-groupe’ constitué par une nouvelle génération de producteurs ultra-informés, ultra-connectés, mega-cool et qui excellent dans la flexion des genres musicaux.”

“Leur univers ne se situe pas dans un genre mais dans mille, hip-hop, r’n’b, électro, reggaeton, zouk portoricain et grime. (…) Future Brown fait aujourd’hui figure de précurseur de la nouvelle electronique mondiale chère à la génération née avec Internet.”
Libé Next

“Future Brown, ce supergroupe emblématique de ce qu’est la jeunesse d’aujourd’hui : universelle, versatile et libre.”

“Future Brown est un objet musical qui ne manquera pas d’animer 2015, une sorte de ‘supergroupe’ composé de talents underground divers et variés.”
Les Inrocks

“Eine wahre Wucht ist es, wie elegant sich Future Brown durch allerlei Genres und Kulturräume manövrieren”

“Die Vielzüngigkeit [...] macht einen Großteil der ansteckenden Energie aus, die Future Brown zu so einem großartigen Album werden lässt.”

“Forward-thinking, the future is here.”
The Music, 4.5****