Debut album ‘Basic Volume’ out now


Debut album ‘Basic Volume’ out now


GAIKA's incendiary debut album ‘Basic Volume’ is out now. Read a selection of reviews below. 

Additional production on the 15 track release comes from a collection of peers and forward-thinking contemporaries, including SOPHIE, Dutch E Germ, Dre Skull and DADRAS, Aart, plus previous collaborators including Jam City, Nick Leon and Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Endless collaborator Buddy Ross.

‘Basic Volume’ is available digitally and to stream now, with Vinyl and CD out 28 September:

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GAIKA • ‘Immigrant Sons (Pesos & Gas)’

“the most arresting British rapper of his generation”

The Guardian, ★★★★


“Gaika breaks new ground on the UK music scene and asserts himself as one of the most provocative and multitalented young artists of this generation”
– The Independent, ★★★★★

“Basic Volume serves as a mirror to the one we have already created. Gaika is not just the artist we want, but the artist society desperately needs”
– Line of Best Fit, 9/10

“This is a vital debut that captures a dark, uncertain time, but counters displacement - in all its forms - with grace, nerve, and a spine-tingling call to arms, and perhaps just as importantly, a call to dance”
– The Quietus,  8.5/10

“the most arresting British rapper of his generation”
– The Guardian, ★★★★

“A haunting picture of rebellion and black existence”
– Loud and Quiet, 8/10

“unafraid, not only to defy convention but also to turn its hand to rewriting it for those who would dare to follow suit”
– Crack, 8/10

“A strong, distinctive debut from a promising artist whose maturity and versatility are already apparent, highly recommended for fans of electronic music and dancehall”
– Music OMH 8/10

“provides evidence of one of London’s best qualities, its hybrid music culture”
– Financial Times, ★★★★

“GAIKA's real achievement is crafting a record that presents an uprising with pride, personality, and originality, something that could usher in a new era of British rap music on its way to bursting down every megalomaniac's door.”
– Noisey

“Dystopian dancehall, fractured R&B, woozy lover’s rock and funeral techno for the backdrop to unblinking reportage that refuses to pull its punches”
– Sunday Times