Highlights from Live Q&A on Facebook


Highlights from Live Q&A on Facebook


Celebrating the release of the ‘Mandela Effect, Gonjasufi went live via his Facebook Page on Friday 13 April. Revisit some highlights from the stream.

Watch the full video below, with Sumach playing tracks in his studio, discussing his first European tour in 6 years, other projects in the works, lessons learned in music and in life, and breaking down the themes behind the new.

Gonjasufi - Your Maker (Daddy G Remix)

“The heads that know, fuckin know. Everyone else, I feel sorry for you.”


Quotes from Gonjasufi’s Live Q&A

“i don’t trust letting a lot of people in my head. I’m trying to get out of the motherfucker, why would i let other people in it?” 

“We don’t even need this device to connect like this. We’re really all just one. As soon as we realize that, the more powerful we become. There's this force thats working to divide all of us to make us think we’re not one. No matter what man, we’re one. There maybe different sides of the corn, but its still the same fuckin corn.”

“The heads that know, fuckin know. Everyone else, I feel sorry for you.”

“Don’t let these social networks strip you of your soul man, because that’s whats going on. I just want real shit again, remember when shit was real? Its different now, its not what it used to be.”

‘Mandela Effect’ – Physical Editions Out Now

Gonjasufi’s latest album ‘Mandela Effect’ is out now on Vinyl and CD, featuring collaborations with Massive Attack, Shabazz Palaces, Anna Wise and more. Check out a selection of photos below.

‘Mandela Effect’ is available at,



w/ support from Skrapez

Tickets and more information available here.

21 – Hamburg DE @ U&G 
22 – Berlin, DE @ Gretchen
23 – Munich, DE @Feierwerk 
25 – Nuremberg DE @ Z-bau
26 – Geneva, DE @ La Graviere 
27 – Zurich, CH @ Hotel Fabrik 
28 – Bern, CH @ Dampfzentrale
30 – Krems, AT @Donau Festival

02 – Copenhagen, DK @ Lille Vega Club
03 – Paris, FR @ Badaboum
05 – Arnhem, NL @ Willemeen
06 – Brussels, BE @ Botanique
07 – Aachen, GER @ Musikbunker
09 – London, UK @ Archspace
10 - London, UK @ Archspace
12 – Bucharest, Romania @ Club Control
13 – Cluj Napoca, Romania @ Form Space

Support from Perera Elsewhere and Waq Waq Kingdom (Andrea Belfi, DJ Scotch Egg; Kiki Hitomi of King Midas Sound) in select cities.