Listen to ‘The Kill’ / ‘Prints Of Sin’


Listen to ‘The Kill’ / ‘Prints Of Sin’


Gonjasufi has shared two new excerpts from his forthcoming album ‘CALLUS’; listen to ‘The Kill’ / ‘Prints Of Sin’ below.

Following the release of ‘Maniac Depressant’, ‘The Kill’ and ‘Prints Of Sin’ continue in showcasing the message behind ‘CALLUS’, one of embracing the pain and negativity to try and come out the other side. 

“Here in the States we are in the middle of a political catastrophe, where we are left with very few positive options. Many of us feel hopeless all while racial & religious tensions are growing stronger. We have to put an end to this hate. It starts at home, within each and every one of us!” 

“I’ve heard that what you focus on, you attract. This would be ideal in perfect world...yet when i go outside & i am still confronted with hate. The challenge becomes continually embracing the suffering of others around me & taking on their ignorance for them.” – Gonjasufi

Gonjasufi • ‘CALLUS’

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