Harmonic 33: Album Released 7th Feb, Interview

Harmonic 313 

Harmonic 33: Album Released 7th Feb, Interview

Harmonic 33, aka Mark Pritchard (Jedi Knights, Reload, Global Communications) and Dave Brinkworth, release "Music for Film, Television and Radio Vol. 1" on Mon 7th Feb. (WARP127, CD, 1LP)

The album harks back to the early days of 60s and 70s electronic library music - KPM, Telemusic, Bosworth, De Wolfe and Chappell, the electric eclectics of Dick Hyman and Jean-Jacques Perrey, but with the glorious gloss and wide screen vision of the classic movie soundtracks of John Barry, Ennio Morricone and Lalo Schifrin.

Instead of taking the easy road and making an album by sampling other people’s records, Pritchard and Brinkworth pay their dues by capturing the vintage and dynamic of the records they love, making the songs from scratch at their opulent Presshouse studios, based down in Devon.

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