New EP 'Hitecherous' - listen to 3 new tracks by Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek - out 28/29 June

Africa Hitech 

New EP 'Hitecherous' - listen to 3 new tracks by Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek - out 28/29 June

'Hitecherous' is the fresh EP offering from Steve Spacek and Mark Pritchard's new project Africa Hitech.

Keeping the pressure on after the digital dancehall minimalism of Blen - which drew frenzied comparisons to everyone from Wiley to Basic Channel and Vybz Kartel - this new 6-track bomb will rattle more than a few rooftop aerials.

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'How Does It Make U Feel' pushes the sonic vapors of 'Blen' into a futuristic bass anthem, replete with bubbling 303 bass, sonar synths and Spacek's commanding falsetto. Taking on the icy blueprint of Grime's early, street-stalking strains and updating them with far more warmth and depth, 'Said Speed', 'Lash Out' and 'Boingy' are some of the most speaker-shredding tracks in recent memory.

Spacek returns to the mic on 'One Two', but don't expect more futuristic R&B, that was three tracks ago. Back is the microphone-biting rudeboy of 'Blen', boasting and chatting over the sharpest riddim about some of the tougher aspects of London street life: "Nuff man ah carry bout knife / Dem ting ah end a man life".

The track's instrumental version rounds out the vinyl version, but within the digital bonus of 'Too Late' lies another clue in the ever-unfolding pattern of Africa Hitech. Over a vintage dub and roots-inspired track, Spacek recalls classic UK Lovers Rock with his measured crooning and yearning lyrics.

With the history of bass music at their fingertips and their minds fixed fully on the future, it sounds like Africa Hitech are only warming up.

Africa Hitech - Hitecherous

WAP298 - Double 12inch and Digital

01 - How Does It Make U Feel
02 - Said Speed
03 - Lash Out
04 - Boingy
05 - One Two
06 - One Two (Instrumental)