A new installation 'Inside There Falls' premieres in January

Mira Calix 

A new installation 'Inside There Falls' premieres in January

Presented by the Sydney Festival, a new mixed media installation from Mira Calix will premiere January 2015 and be installed at Carriageworks Bay 17 in Sydney.

Carriageworks Bay 17

8 - 17 January 2015
Noon–8pm, daily

Sydney, AU

miracalix.com / sydneyfestival.org.au

'Inside There Falls' has been commissioned by Brett Clegg, Gretel Packer, Simon and Catriona Mordant and is supported by the Packer Family Foundation.

‘Everything is white, a milky mesh punctuated only by the violet-blue of the Southern Hemisphere summer sky and the deep orange glow of a marigold sun’

With ‘Inside There Falls’ Mira Calix has created a multi-sensory performative installation of paper, sound and movement. A blanched new landscape which seamlessly blends technological innovation and organic materials.

An installation in the form of a shimmering labyrinth, 'Inside There Falls' invites audiences to individually explore and create their own narrative from hidden pathways made of paper.

In this astonishing creation from British-based artist Mira Calix, the walls literally speak – music, voice and dance converge into a profound and fully immersive experience at Carriageworks, one of Austalia's leading and most innovative contemporary art spaces. Recent presentations have included work by Christian Boltanski, Tacita Dean, Ryoji Ikeda and Anne Teresa De Keermaeker.

'Inside There Falls' is a space to dream and discover. Visually and aurally sublime, it features choreography by Sydney Dance Company’s Rafael Bonachela, narration by Hayley Atwell and text by Brett Clegg.

From 'Ilanga' released in 1996, to 2008's 'Elephant In The Room', explore Mira Calix's catalogue of releases with Warp at the links below.

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