L.A. EP 3 X 3 Release Date Change and Bonus Digital Track

Flying Lotus 

L.A. EP 3 X 3 Release Date Change and Bonus Digital Track

Due to unavoidable production delays, the final and most intriguing installment of the L.A. EP series will now be released on 18th/19th August, but now with an extra, bonus digital track.

We unreservedly apologise for the extra wait, but to thank you all for patience, FlyLo has now added another track to the digital bundle that there wasn't space to squeeze onto the vinyl.

On L.A. EP 3 X 3, FlyLo and a few friends explore the psychedelic ambience and dream-like elegance that brought such a vital depth to the album’s soul.

Two new Flying Lotus compositions, Endless White and Spin Cycles display his deft touch and unrivalled eye for beauty. Breakage’s Testament turns Gonjasufi’s quiet desperation into a tribal battle cry. But it is perhaps the collaboration with harpist Rebecca Raff that is most striking, revisioning Auntie’s Harp into a swirling symphony of rolling arpeggios and piercing electronics.

L.A. EP 3 X 3 is released on limited 12" and download. Previous EPs have sold out pretty much immediately, so don't sleep.

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Tracklisting in full:

01 - Infinitum (Dimlite’s Re-finitum)
02 - Comet - MatthewDavid
03 - Endless White
04 - Parisian Goldfish (Take Remix)
05 - Spin Cycles
06 - Testament (Breakage’s Bill’s Suit Mix)
07 - Auntie’s Harp (Rebekah Raff Remix)

Digital Bonus Track - Riot (Take Rmx)