Last Nesh Partyrave

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Last Nesh Partyrave

The last Nesh partyrave was on Friday 11th of May 2001.

Thanks to everyone who came down, especially those still dancing at 6am, hope you had lots of fun!

Big thank-you’s to:

Hecker for coming over from the Mego camp to give us an awsome 3d sound set.

Boom Bip
for flying all the way over from Cincinnati to add his breaks and theramin set to the equation.

Richard James
for a totally full-on Caustic Window set that had both floors of the Electrowerkz going mad.

for coming over from Helsinki to play us even more new tunes, look out for a release on Warp later this year.

for mellowing everyone out at 2am with loads of lovely tracks from his new album "Wasted Sunday" out today on Rephlex.

Chris Duckenfield
for a totally pumping early morning set downstairs.

Mr Thomas Brinkmann
for getting the best sound out of the upstairs system we've heard and locking everyone to the dance floor until 4.30.

Mira Calix
for managing to keep people dancing to jungle till 6 am even though our Jack Daniels supply had run out!

Your Mum
for their super visuals, all at the Electrowerkz Club for being very accommodating and everyone else who has found themselves involved in Nesh.

Nesh Images and flyers to the right... (from the old site so please excuse the quality!)