LFO and Hudson Mohawke at Warp25

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LFO and Hudson Mohawke at Warp25

From LFO's eponymous release to Hudson Mohawke's 'Chimes' to be released next month, there has been 24 years of music, listen to a selection of those releases in that time via the Warp25 playlist on Spotify.

LFO brings his audio-visual show to Kraków, Poland for the Warp25 event on September 20th as one of Warp's mainstay artists, starting with an eponymous EP in 1990 through to the reissue of 'Frequencies' in 2011, and releases such as 'Freak' and 'Tied Up' in between.

'Frequencies' is available from,

iTunes / Bleep / Amazon / Google Play

Hudson Mohawke signed to Warp in 2008 at the age of 22, following a number of hard to find vinyl releases and having become Scottish champion at both the ITF and UK DMC DJ Championships. For Warp he has released one album, 'Butter', and 3 EPs - including the 'TNGHT' EP with Lunice, followed by 'Chimes' which is set for release at the end of September.

Hudson Mohawke's 'Chimes' is available to stream below and the EP of the same name can be pre-ordered digitally or on 12" vinyl at,

Learn more at hudsonmohawke.com

Listen to the playlist here or in the embed below,

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