‘Cryogenic’ and a playlist of Film Music


‘Cryogenic’ and a playlist of Film Music



Cryogenic never actually got used in Panthers but it was Johan’s favourite. 

‘Place Beyond The Pines’ by Mike Patton

Loved this film, I dig how thin and embedded the drones are to the picture.

‘Utopia’ by Cristobal De Tapia Veer

I deffo think the Utopia score is a bit marmite, it's got a unique sound palette, everything sounds asymmetrical and queasy. It's also very virtuosic, all the technique is on display. But for me it worked amazingly well, so distinct. It's a brave bit of work, this track is my fave. I wanna get him to do some drums for me.

‘Thin Red Line’ by Hans Zimmer

I freckin loved the opening scene of Shame and then heard this and thought hmmmm this sounds suspiciously similar (Zimmerla) to the Thin Red Line soundtrack.

Shame still has a great opening scene but this is an influential piece, for sure. That gentle ticking, those glorious rising harmonies. Not a note wasted. Of course it's bombastic and not suitable listening for all times of day. But in the context of an amazing Terrence Malick film I think we can let Big Hans off.

Grizzly Bear

Very nice to play on the piano, this track. Tricky, too, to absolutely nail the timing of those fragile two notes on the top, so it sounds as ruthlessly indifferent and mechanical as a clock, but with the warm, stirring bass notes underneath. I mean you could use a midi piano but what would be the fun in that?

‘Dune’ by Brian Eno

Oh god it's the Prophecy theme from Dune. Brian Eno, Brain One pad attack. Don't think about Sting’s face when you're listening to this. Don't.

‘Infra’ by Max Richter

I remember sending my mate some Max Richter when he was on an mdma comedown and he got quite annoyed with me. Result!

This isn't actually from a film it's from a dance score he did with Wayne McGregor but if it was in a shit film, it would make the film seem better than it was.

‘Eraserhead’ by David Lynch

I always seem to listen to Eraserhead soundtrack when I'm on the bus or other forms of public transport but I might try cooking with it on headphones.

‘1984’ by Eurythmics

I watched this again after finishing Panthers, I needed some more John Hurt action in my life-So good. The soundtrack is a peach too. Those bright, angular, melodic lines of synthesiser. Simultaneously mean and hearty.

‘Mullholland Drive’ by Angelo Badalamenti

There's something deceptively simple about Bandalementi's work, he uses these static forms, when I hear his string arrangements I always think of parallel lines appearing motionless, but ascending, taking you somewhere without you even realising it, and then suddenly, oh you're in Lynch world. This was the first film that showed me the power of quiet, massively detailed drones in cinema, there's this bit where Betty knocks on her neighbours door, the way the music matches the malice of the picture is spot on. You've been pulled into this dream world but it's the music that makes is seem relatable.