Watch the 'Day of Light' video from the Grammy nominated album 'LUX'

Brian Eno 

Watch the 'Day of Light' video from the Grammy nominated album 'LUX'

Brian Eno's first solo album for Warp, was released November 2012 and continued his 'Music for Thinking' project that includes the albums 'Discreet Music' (1975) and 'Neroli' (1993)'. Revisit the 'Day of Light' video that followed four broadcasts of 'Lux' via, nominated at the 56th Grammy Awards.

To celebrate the release of 'LUX' the album was broadcast via four times on Saturday 17th November 2013. The timing of the four plays were selected to capture different lighting - from sunrise, day, sunset and night. Submissions were encouraged under a theme 'play of light' and were curated by Eno and his team in real time. This film archives just 4 minutes of Eno's favourites from over 6,000 submissions

Brian Eno's Grammy nominated album 'LUX' is available from,

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Vinyl, double 180gm DMM-cut LP in gatefold sleeve with 4x 300x300mm prints and download redemption code card)
CD, (gatefold sleeve with 4x 120x120mm prints)

About LUX

One of Eno’s most ambitious works to date; LUX is a 75-minute composition in twelve sections that evolved from a work currently housed in the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria in Turin, Italy. The album is Eno's third for Warp, following 'Small Craft on a Milk Sea' (with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams) and 'Drums Between The Bells' (with Rick Holland).

Brian Eno’s first solo album on Warp Records, 'LUX' expands on the themes and sonic textures that were present on such classic albums as 'Music For Films' and 'Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks'. The release was celebrated with listenings in London, NYC, Sydney and in Haneda Airport in Tokyo, recalling the seminal 'Music for Airports' release.

“killingly beautiful” - The New York Times

“a stunning album” - NPR Music

“Lux is fascinating as music. But it also makes the world more fascinating.” - The New Yorker

“the latest album from Brian Eno feels like a precious gift” - Washington Post

“Lux marks a full-fledged return to form” - SPIN

"Sometimes it's hard to not say anything; Brian Eno is doing just that, once again, and beautifully.” - Pitchfork,8.0

“LUX is simultaneously a fully realized composition and a portable world unto itself” - Relix Magazine

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