‘Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake’

Mark Leckey 

‘Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake’


Mark Leckey releases a limited 10" on Warp, exploring refracted memories and suburban mythology.

The broadly musical ideas of remixing, sampling and recreating are constants the work of Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey. One of the world’s most consistently exciting and iconoclastic visual artists, UK post-punk and rave culture in particular have been the foundations for some of his most striking creations.

  1. Mark Leckey - Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake
  2. Mark Leckey - Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake (Evian Christ Remix)

Mark Leckey – ‘Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake’

In his latest output ‘Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake’, Leckey returns to a motorway bridge on the M53 in Birkenhead near his childhood home to deliver a track that plunges into the suburban occult. The throaty refrain of ‘out demons, out!’ hopes to exorcise the malignant spirits, real and imagined, that seem to have come out of the woodwork of contemporary Britain. As Leckey describes it, “a kind of ritual chant made modern”.

The track comes backed by a remix from Evian Christ, who drags it onto the dance floor of one his vaunted and chaotic Trance Parties. 

‘Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake’ is available now on 10" Vinyl only, limited to 500 copies.