‘utopia’ EP released 25 January; Watch the video for ‘rightclick’

Mira Calix 

‘utopia’ EP released 25 January; Watch the video for ‘rightclick’


Her first release on Warp in a decade, Mira Calix returns with a new EP on 25 January.

In this hiatus, Mira's practice has taken focus on installation and exhibition work, centred around classical instrumentation - including work at Tower of London, Somerset House, Southbank Centre and many more.

The basis of the four-track ‘utopia’ EP is a Random Acts film of the same name, soundtracked by Mira, starring Lily Cole and Lily McMenamy and written and directed by acclaimed novelist Adam Thirlwell.

  1. Mira Calix - rightclick
  2. Mira Calix - just go along
  3. Mira Calix - upper ups
  4. Mira Calix - bite me

Mira Calix • ‘rightclick’

The past few years I’ve been making mostly installation, which I find thrilling, but the nature of my practice means I tend to work with many hands, many speakers, many materials, many musicians over long periods. It was really refreshing to make this EP, to give myself a time limit, a strict set of rules, a tight sonic palette and be fully autonomous as a writer, producer and musician. In a way it’s going back to my roots, my first ever release on Warp was a 10’, but it also felt completely fresh, playful, to just build some tracks around a cinematic scene - something for friends to move to in the early hours of a louche house party!
Mira Calix


The first release from Mira Calix on Warp in a decade. Available to pre-order on 10" Vinyl and Digital.

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