The new EP 'Music For Robots' is out now


The new EP 'Music For Robots' is out now

Squarepusher's collaboration with the three robots that comprise the Z-Machines is now available on CD and for digital download. Listen back to his appearance on NPR's All Things Considered from Sunday 6th April.

"Squarepusher fans needn't worry; it still contains his signature mangling of drum'n'bass breaks, lightning-quick basslines and unpredictable zig-zags, it's just that this time there's a slightly glitchy robotic edge to it all."
The Guardian

"Is Music For Robots emotionally engaging?” to which I have to answer “yes and no.” Of course, the mere fact that “yes” even enters into the equation indicates a resounding success, and is nothing short of incredible.
The Line of Best Fit 7.5

Pop Matters (9) / Bass Explorer (7.25)

Squarepusher x Z-Machines - 'Music For Robots' is available digitally, on vinyl and limited CDs from,

iTunes / Bleep / Amazon (Vinyl) / Google Play

Squarepusher appeared as a guest on NPR's 'All Things Considered' on Sunday 6th April, listen back to the interview at For more of Squarepusher's discussions regarding the 'Music For Robots' EP see the links below.

"And when you're not pushing the limits of these robots, do you find the range of possibilities overwhelming? The guitarists have 72 fingers, and the drummer has 22 arms. With so much at your disposal, is it quite difficult to start?"
Motherboard (VICE)

"So how do you create music for a machine with 78 fingers, which can hit a note every eight milliseconds?"
CNN / NPR / Studio Brussel

Watch the robots perform 'Sad Robot Goes Funny' and more from Squarepusher via YouTube.