New album 'Iradelphic', download MP3 of 'Com Touch' in exchange for email


New album 'Iradelphic', download MP3 of 'Com Touch' in exchange for email

Chris Clark has been on a journey. The adventure started 3 years ago after the release of 'Totems Flare'. He recorded 'Iradelphic' in Australia, Berlin, Wales, Brussels, Cornwall, Norway and London using a diverse range of tools ranging from the vintage to the cutting edge modern.

Listen to Com Touch below, with a free download available further down..

"To me 'Iradelphic' is looming, ambiguous, radiant. Glowing, whole, invincible, complete." - Clark

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Some words from Clark

"I've been hunting down that elusive paradox. To create something that didn't sound like what I've done before. But was also unmistakably me. It's quite a maddening task."

"I don't think I've ever recorded in so many diverse locations; there was a lot of field recording going on in Snape, Sussex, harpsichords and orchestral drums. All recorded with a variety of tools. From £8k Cold War microphones, bling studio set ups, to laptop microphones, crumbling cassettes, Dictaphones. It all got used."

"Then a massive recording session in Wales with Bibio, only some of this is used on the album."

"I played a lot of guitar after leaving England, played pretty obsessively everyday for about a year. I never played it before but I picked it up pretty quick I reckon. I'm just stubborn with stuff like that."

"It feels like it's been a massive test, a huge, all engulfing self imposed boundary that I had to step over, can I transform all this wild instrumentation and confounding, chaotic will into something with a monolithic unity, can I bring all of these seemingly contradictory shifts in mood into a homogenous whole? I hope I've nailed it"

Clark - 'Iradelphic'
WARP222 - CD, Vinyl & Download
Released 2nd April (UK) & 3rd April (USA) 2012 On Warp Records


1 - Henderson Wrench
2 - Com Touch
3 - Tooth Moves
4 - Skyward Bruise / Descent
5 - Open
6 - Secret
7 - Ghosted
8 - Black Stone
9 - The Pining pt. 1
10 - The Pining pt. 2
11 - The Pining pt. 3
12 - Broken Kite Footage

Artwork by Julian House