New album 'U&I' to be released on Warp in January


New album 'U&I' to be released on Warp in January

We are pleased to announce that Leila will return with a new album 'U&I', released in January on Warp. Add your email into the sign-up box below to receive information and music when we release it online.

Leila - 'U&I'
WARP220 - CD, Double Vinyl, Download
Released 23rd/24th January 2012

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Leila has already released three albums, a trilogy if you will. In 2009 she started to write a body of work that felt different. Maybe it was being sober, but this one seemed to be about being more direct.

Leila first met Mt. Sims at a fancy dress party way back in 2006. Leila went as Leila. Mt. Sims dressed as a Computer Processing Unit fashioned from a cardboard box with strategically placed slits. She had admired his music since his work on Gigolo Records, she was most happy when he introduced himself and said he was a fan.

Fast-Forward to 2009, Leila decided the man who had dressed as a C.P.U. was the perfect voice for this new body of work. 'In Consideration' was made within two hours of him arriving at her home studio, when it comes to noise she doesn't like to waste any time.

Then came an intense period of sonic interactions. 'Welcome To Your Life' was particularly fun in it's inception. Backing track pretty complete, as Leila watched Countdown Mt. Sims casually wrote a song… Leila liked it a lot.

Two visits and some acapella swapping over Dropbox later (both "Anyway" and "U&I" were done within 30 minutes of Leila receiving the acapellas), the album was complete.

The artwork is a picture taken of a very special computer crash revealing its internal architecture. Like an imaginary moment when you can look at a human being and see their organs and bones rather than the layers of veneer.

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Leila - 'U&I' Tracklisting

01. of one
02. activate i
03. all of this
04. welcome to your life
05. in consideration
06. eight
07. (disappointed cloud) anyway
08. interlace
09. colony collapse disorder
10. boudica
11. in motion slow
12. u&i
13. forasmuch

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