New Artist Information


New Artist Information

My dad used to have some equipment in the seventies.

Piano, home reel to reel, WEM amp and a drum machine. I don't remember him using it much. I sang onto tape through a space age looking mike I recall. He used to like to predict hits on the radio. I don't know what his predictions for my music would be. Ten or twelve years later I found myself in the habit of accompanying Norman Cook into Esselle studios in Brighton while he was recording various remixes and Beats International tunes for Go-beat. I was never called upon to contribute other than with cups of tea so I just used to watch and try to keep up. Inspired by his comprehensive original break-beat collection, I started collecting a few break records and messing around with drum machines and guitar pedals. Crew member She ONE, had a four track and when he wasn't using it I made some crazy noise jams with his mini sampling keyboard, a mike and delay pedal (Normans). Parallel at this time I was painting and advancing my techniques with spray paint. Raised money, bought sampler, gave some beats to Skint. From then to now not much has changed. Of course their is more equipment and more ability to use it but the process remains pretty much the same.

The English jazz drummer Steve Arguelles, based in Paris, was forming a live band called Ambitroniques with himself (drums and electronic stack of loops, delays and filters) Benoit Delbecque (piano, sampler, bass) Ashley Slater (trombone, vocal) and through Ashley I was recruited for turntables, which would help to add a more 'sampled' sound and chaotic element. Up to this point I had never desired to play live and so I was forced to learn the approach. In this case the approach was 'we go on stage and just start playing'. The results were edited down to make a couple of releases on Plush recordings. With this new 'skill' I started doing a small live set alone with a few records and a loop pedal.

Graffiti connection Edna turned out to be Ed Bradbury then Kid Acne and we somehow made an album with him rapping and me chopping beats and layering up. Rap Traffic is the result.

'Slip jam B' is the name of Brighton’s first open mike night for emcees started about 3years ago. Local hot-bed of lyrical styles and characters, this night is where I first met MC Sketch, MR Cooper, Legs MC and Hank MCcoy (Mechanical Insects, Mommy Fortunas) amongst the youngest of the performers. Also home to Lost Souls, Noncomformists and Digitech at the moment there is no shortage of emcees to record with. So.........see you later



My rough discography:

Req: One (Skint.BRASSIC3) 1997
Frequency Jams (Skint.BRASSIC7) 1998
Sketchbook (Warp.WARP89) 2002
Car Paint Scheme (unreleased)

Miracles (Ultimate Dillema) 1996
Req's Garden (Skint.SKINT7) 1996
Subculture (Skint.SKINT14) 1996
Daily Beats 1 (Skint.SKINT45)
Daily Beats 2 (Skint.SKINT48)
Daily Beats 3 (Skint.SKINT49)

Bits and bobs:
DJ Vadim 'Conquest of the Irrational (Headz Still Ain't Ready - Req Reply)' (Ninja Tune) 1997
DJ Euro & Req 7"
Appears on Plush label sampler
Does stuff with french jazz band