New Savath & Savalas EP 'Manana' Out Now

Savath & Savalas 

New Savath & Savalas EP 'Manana' Out Now

The new EP from Savath & Savalas "Manana" is out Now!

Savath & Savalas is Scott Herren and Eva Puyeulo Muns. Scott is the fêted hip-hop producer known as Prefuse 73, who has taken his talent to new heights of delicate songwriting with Spanish vocalist and collaborator, Eva. With a critically acclaimed album, Apropa’t, a captivating performance at America’s biggest music festival, Coachella and a lengthy US tour that showcased the finest in modern Spanish music beind them, the duo return with "Mañana", eight new tracks exclusive to this release. Eva’s stunning vocal inflections are present once again, providing a sultry addition to Herren’s mix of electronic and organic atmospheres. Continuing to show his breadth as both a songwriter and producer, Scott is able to effortlessly separate himself from the thick electronic funk of Prefuse 73 and, with Eva, creates bright slices of Spanish psychedelia.


Prefuse 73 will return in 2005 with a new album and a host of impressive, big-name musical hook-ups. But for now, treasure these gems…

"...The cover art by Maya Hayuk says it all — these dreamy soundscapes are sexy and stylized—a far-cry from Herren’s hip hop inspired projects. On the other hand, there is plenty of unusual production. On “Interludio Incongreto,” Scott’s vocals are sampled and distorted into clips of sound. “Sota L'Aigüa” is more straight-forward pop, with a familiar-sounding melody over classical guitar and electronic beats. Demà VinorÀ has a lovely combination of stuttering electronics and brisk beats among Eva’s gentle vocal harmonies. “No Puedo de Cidir” is a short and sweet instrumental with wonderfully funky bass. Finally, “Equipatge de Flors Seques” is a meandering journey through pulses of strings, subdued synths, and Scott’s singing with an undercurrent of undecipherable voices swirling in a sonic sea. Sadly, Scott indicated on his Web site that this is probably his final collaboration with Eva. But what a farewell!" (From


Praise For Apropa’t

“a wonderful album of romantically melancholic Catalan folk songs, tinged with Puerto Rican and Cuban influences”
- 4/5 Observer

“the delicious exoticism of this lovely record, a mixture of Spanish folk song bordering on the medieval and cutting edge electronica (heavily influenced by its producer, John McEntire out of Tortoise). Think: sitting in a Mediterranean olive grove at sunset on a gorgeous summer day, watching the fireflies and just discovering someone has spiked your Rioja with mescaline”
- Sunday Telegraph

"hazy Latin songs emerge out of discreet electronic flutter, acoustic guitars trace shapes around Muns' and Herren's androgynous harmonies, odd bits of Tortoise go about their business in the background. And the whole thing emerges as an enchanting update of the dreamier end of 70s Brazilian pop - as good a record, in fact, as anything this gifted polymath has ever released."
- 4/5 Uncut

“with local Catalan singer Eva Puyeulo Muns providing a breathy Latin vocal sheen, Apropa’t proffers 14 lilting essays that nod towards late 60s Tropicalia… let the Mediterranean light flood in”
- 4/5 Mojo