New Limited Album, 'Solo Electric Bass 1'


New Limited Album, 'Solo Electric Bass 1'

Squarepusher’s excursions as a solo bass virtuoso will be immortalised with the forthcoming release of 'Solo Electric Bass 1', out on August 17th on Limited CD and Digital.

This live recording was taken from one of his spellbinding solo bass performances at Cité de la Musique, Paris in September 2007. A performance that only consists of Squarepusher on stage with a bass and a small amp.

It should be noted that the recording of this bare live show has been represented in its truest form ie. in one take with no editing afterwards. All compositions on this record are his own.

This strictly limited release is a rare documentation for fans of the 'pusher and anyone who wishes to explore some highly interesting, and technically astounding compositions with the bass guitar. Anyone who has witnessed him live will already know of his mesmerising unique style which he incorporates into his big production live shows.

Squarepusher’s progression to this pure musical form has always been hinted at in his recording work prior to this release; with instrumental tracks on Ultravisitor such as 'I Fulcrum' and 'Andrei', the jazz trio sets of his 2005 UK tour and his first solo bass performance in Turin the same year alongside the London Sinfonietta, as time has gone on Tom Jenkinson – Squarepusher - has voiced his exploration of this expression more and more culminating in a small European tour in 2007 which included a sold out headline performance at the Royal Festival Hall.

Clips and further info to follow - watch this space.