New Single '195lbs' and Album 'Thought So'

Nightmares on Wax 

New Single '195lbs' and Album 'Thought So'

Long time Warp comrade George Evelyn aka E.a.s.e. returns with a new Nightmares on Wax single "195lbs" on 18th August followed by an album "Thought So..." on 25th August (or 2nd Sept in US & Canada)!

The new material was inspired by a special journey from N.O.W.'s birthplace in Leeds to a new base located right in the middle of Ibiza. Instead of shipping all his studio equipment by boat, E.a.s.e. rose to the challenge of writing music on a unique road trip with various different collaborators - thus the concept of "Thought So.." arrived from the process itself.

Special audio broadcasts will be streamed live from Ibiza in August - stay tuned to the Warp site and N.O.W. spaces below!

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