A video for 'Dead Living Things' premieres today from the brand new album 'Glow'

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A video for 'Dead Living Things' premieres today from the brand new album 'Glow'

Watch the Alexandre Courtès directed video for new single 'Dead Living Things', taken from the album 'Glow' released this week.

Director Alexandre Courtès is renowned for his previous work with artists such as Phoenix, Daft Punk and The White Stripes, including the 'Seven Nation Army' video.

“In an isolated house situations collide, that illustrate different facets of life and lives that have inhabited this place.

Through its poetic nature, this film deals with the different emotions the song brings forth in me, and allows me to illustrate freely the surreal aspects of those very different themes that reflect the wide spectrum of sensations, ideas, thoughts and feelings of our lives.

This project is a direct reference to the works of Fellini and David Lynch. It is a juxtaposition of life scenes and actions that have nothing to do with each other in particular, that however create a fantastic dynamic and resolutely surreal experience.” - Alexandre Courtès

'Glow' is now available worldwide as Double Gatefold LP, CD and digital download from,
"It's an album that oozes with the pleasure of making it" - Loud and Quiet 8/10
"A true master of digital psychedelia"- Uncut 8/10
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