The 'N.O.W IS THE TIME' album is out now, explore 25 years of music at

Nightmares on Wax 

The 'N.O.W IS THE TIME' album is out now, explore 25 years of music at

Today Nightmares on Wax, one of Warp's initial signings, releases his 'N.O.W IS THE TIME' compilation in celebration of his 25-year career. Discover the story of Nightmares on Wax via a new website.

'N.O.W IS THE TIME' is released as a standard edition 2CD and as the 'Deep Down Edition' including 2x 12" vinyl of remixes and rarities and a book of memorabilia and interviews. View photos of the products and learn more about the available formats here.

Standard Edition - iTunes / Bleep / Amazon / Google Play

Deep Down Edition - iTunes / Bleep / Amazon / Google Play

To find out more about the Nightmares On Wax story, visit the new timeline that includes extracts from the Deep Down edition booklet at,

Evelyn (also known as DJ E.A.S.E) had his musical upbringing in the 80s UK B-Boy and graffiti scene enamored with New York hip-hop and was an innovator in merging those sounds and feelings with the popular sounds of the UK at that time to pioneer what became dubbed "trip-hop." Nightmares On Wax's influence on seminal music movements stretches back to the ‘90s bleep movement, when, first signed to Warp, NOW released club tracks like Dextrous (WAP2) and Aftermath (WAP6) - the latter of which gained so much traction it reached the UK Top 40 singles chart. This popularity remains today, with the soulful sample-led ‘You Wish’ clocking up millions of streams worldwide; and Evelyn’s Boiler Room set from last year, that has gained over 700,000 views to date, demonstrates his tremendous ability to mix the perfect DJ set.

The Nightmares on Wax US Tour starts this week, see the full listing and details of his DJ sets in record stores across the country here.

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