Awarded ‘Best Original Score in a Feature Film’ at Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Oneohtrix Point Never 

Awarded ‘Best Original Score in a Feature Film’ at Hollywood Music in Media Awards


At last night's Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Oneohtrix Point Never received the centerpiece “Best Original Score in a Feature Film” prize for his work on ‘Good Time’.

Oneohtrix Point Never AKA Daniel Lopatin was nominated amongst highly respected nominees such as Nicholas Britell (Battle of the Sexes, Moonlight) and Carter Burwell (Wonderstruck, Carol). In his acceptance speech, he paid great tribute to Earth Wind and Fire who were in attendance at the event.

“....Before I go into a diatribe I think it is amazing that Earth Wind and Fire’s here. 'Let’s Groove' is one of the hardest jams ever, and everything about your band is cool. The album artwork was epic and I remember how much that influenced me when I was just a kid listening to records, and your synth sounds too because they were probably some of the first records I ever heard with this incredible, fantastical, otherworldly sound and in many ways you guys connected this moment for me right here so thank you for that…."

He went on to say “... this is a crazy movie, the directors are very unique, they are outliers. They were in the soup with me the entire time, they were in the studio, we just were hanging out making this thing together which was very rare. They let me do exactly what I wished to do for this film and I think that is a lot of what makes it a good score, like any good piece of artwork."

Oneohtrix Point Never - The Pure and the Damned (Official Video) feat. Iggy Pop


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