Watch the ‘MYRIAD’ trailer, premiering May 22-24 in NYC

Oneohtrix Point Never 

Watch the ‘MYRIAD’ trailer, premiering May 22-24 in NYC


Oneohtrix Point Never has unveiled the trailer for ‘MYRIAD’, a theatrical, medium-spanning installation and four-part epochal song cycle premiering at the Park Avenue Armory on May 22nd and 24th as part of Red Bull Music Festival New York. 

The two-minute visual features new music by Oneohtrix Point Never, and is a cryptic, extraterrestrial preview of the concert’s conceptual spectrum.

Directed by Oneohtrix Point Never, the trailer compounds the cinematic tropes, abstract sculpture, game ephemera, poetry, apocryphal histories, internet esoterica, and existential philosophies behind MYRIAD. The site-specific performances will feature OPN’s first live touring ensemble plus special guests and collaborators, and will embed the audience within the architecture of the Armory’s Wade Thompson Drill Hall, creating an experience that is as much a speculation on the unthinkable future as it is an allegory for the current disquiet of a civilization out of balance with its environment.

Oneohtrix Point Never - ‘Myriad’