And the London Symphony Orchestra

Grizzly Bear 

And the London Symphony Orchestra

On Saturday, Grizzly Bear graced the Barbican stage alongside the London Symphony Orchestra in an unforgettable Hollowe'en night performance...

"Anything seems possible with Grizzly Bear, the Brooklyn four-piece whose post-Radiohead sonic vistas have been blowing many a mind lately, and by the time they come on it is clear that this is going to be no ordinary gig. This is an Event. And what followed over the next couple of hours was of such sweeping scale and mysterious beauty as to fully justify the anticipation that was in the air."
Independent *****

Since the release of Veckatimest – hailed by many critics as the year’s finest album - they have become the posterboys for a certain strain of ambitious, symphonic pop. Tonight with a full orchestra breathing warmth into their richly atmospheric music, they reached new heights... Fancy wasn't quite the word, the effect was nothing short of sublime.
Telegraph *****

"When it ended, it all seemed far too soon."
Metro *****

"As the band closed their set with a rendition of 'Colorado,' the London audience was left to consider this spookily assured Halloween collaboration an absolute treat"


"I’m struggling to think of a band+orchestra show where the orchestra has been used in such a subtle way. In fact, Muhly’s arrangements are sometimes so discreet, it seems an even more decadent event.
From “Easier” on, as Chris Taylor crouches on the floor with a flute, Daniel Rossen takes the lead and Edward Droste lets out his first levitating sigh of the evening, Muhly’s deft and intricate arrangements are bewitching rather than intrusive. The build-up to crescendos lasts over several songs rather than the odd minute or so, which makes the fireworks all the more impressive. Only on the grand romance of “I Live With You”, perhaps, does it feel as if the orchestra are roaring at full strength; coming as this does a good hour, 75 minutes, into the show, the impact is huge."


"They finally take their leave to overwhelmed applause, talking about how "These things happen once in a lifetime". The audience picks its collective jaw up from the floor and agrees, whole-heartedly."

Music OMH *****

Photo: David Emery. Taken from The Line Of Best Fit.

The Veckatimest Special Edition is out now in UK and Europe, with the bonus tracks available world wide digitally.

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