"Good coffee, disabling the internet, cleaning the mouse mat..." - 7 top questions from yesterday's Reddit AMA


"Good coffee, disabling the internet, cleaning the mouse mat..." - 7 top questions from yesterday's Reddit AMA

Read 7 of the questions answered by Plaid at the Reddit AMA on July 1st, covering relationships, thoughts on Aphex Twin, Björk and Autechre, cartoons, film soundtracks and a lot more.

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I was playing Rest Proof Clockwork in the off licence I was working at 9 years ago when a girl came in, recognised the music and so we got chatting about Plaid, BoC and other artists we like.

We're getting married next month.

Thanks guys :)



My question: are there any rituals/traditions you guys tend to perform/stick to when making music? Some little thing you might do every time you arrange a track for example.

Good coffee, tidying up the workspace, disabling the internet, cleaning the mouse mat.


are you sometimes inspired by classical music? if so, which are the ones that you like?

We love a bit of french impressionism, Satie & Debussy. Stravinsky is incredible. Steve Reich, Terry Riley from the "minimalists". Ligetti for innovation.


Why the FUCK aren't you as famous as Aphex?

What do you really, really think of Autechre?

Aphex is APHEX.

Autechre are mostly brilliant.


How was it working with Björk on Lilith? How much were you involved in the song-writing compared to the instrumentals and vice versa? This is one of my favourite tracks ever, by the way.

We recorded Lilith with Bjork over two sessions. In the first we played her basic melodic and percussive loops, she improvised vocal melodies over these. In the second she came back with lyrics and we structured the track around them. We loved writing and working with her.


Andy/Ed, What are your favorite cartoons from your youth, and why?

(Also, "Gel Lab" is the single greatest track in world music history.)

From our distant youth, the Clangers, Bagpuss, Mole. Later on Ren & Stimpy, various adult swim creations like Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Hey guys. Love your work, including your OST's; Heaven's Door is absolutely stunning. Are there any directors you'd particulary like to work with, and what are some of your favourite films? I can see you at home on some Aronofsky.

It’d be a dream come true to work with Aronofsky, we’re huge fans of his work. Also of David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Terrence Malick, Duncan Jones to name a few others.

(bradezone: Plaid + David Lynch = my head just exploded)

So our time's up. Thanks for all the interest and we'll hope to see some of you at the upcoming shows, we've a few more to post in the next few days. We're active on Facebook and Twitter so feel free to write to us there if we've missed yours today.

All the best, A&E

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