Special Rough Trade East instore in London, broadcast live via Boiler Room on 6th December

DRC Music 

Special Rough Trade East instore in London, broadcast live via Boiler Room on 6th December

We can now announce a very special free DRC Music instore at Rough Trade East in London next Tuesday 6th December with some of the Congolese musicians from the album - it is also being broadcast Worldwide via Boiler Room, so you can watch it online wherever you are based.
  • Congolese musicians & the UK producers of the album
  • DRC Music collaborative live performance, DJ sets and photography
  • Broadcast LIVE online for the World via Boiler Room

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Free entry via wristband from Rough Trade East
(1 per person, from Monday 5th Dec)

7-9pm on Tuesday December 6th
Rough Trade East, London
Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL
More info at Rough Trade East's site

Congolese Musicians from DRC, Africa

Cubain Kabeya
Cubain, born in Kinshasa, is a multi instrumentalist, slammer, original drummer for the band Benda Bilili. He recently worked with Damon Albarn and plays every drum part on the DRC Music album, and is also the father of the "Congolese drum-kit".

Jupiter Bokondji
Born in Kinshasa 48 years ago, the subject of renowned 2007 film 'The Dance of Jupiter' and a pivotal member of Bongofolk orchestra and Okwess International, Jupiter used his adolescence spent in East-Berlin and his childhood and adulthood in Kinshasa searching for new sounds and artists and exploring the connections between European and African music. As he puts it: "Today, we find many young groups continuing in my footsteps, dipping into our archives for inspiration; my mission is complete. If I disappeared today, I will have achieved my goal". Far from disappearing, Jupiter performed in Kinshasa to an audience of five thousand in October 2011 and was most recently part of the DRC Music album 'Kinshasa One Two'. His own album 'Hotel Universe' will be released in 2012.

Nelly Liyemge
Nelly was born in Kinshasa just 23 years ago, in the Bangala. She received her musical teaching by the well-known singer Bebson De La Rue. She's a rootsy, original African singer and has been working with Jupiter & Okwess International as backing vocal since 2009.

Yende Bongongo
Yende was born in Kinshasa. He is Jupiter's Nephew. A peerless bassist, he grew up with Jupiter's music and got his musical education from Jupiter straight from the cradle. He's also a singer filled with fervour, sometimes described as a ‘voodoo nightingale'.

From DRC Music, UK Producers

  • Damon Albarn
  • Kwes. (our new signing)
  • Remi Kabaka
  • Richard Russell
  • Rodaidh McDonald

About DRC Music

In July of this year, electronic producers from the UK and US travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to record an album with local musicians in five days.

The producers were collectively known as 'DRC Music': the album, 'Kinshasa One Two'.

More info at drcmusic.org

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