Signs to Warp, Album in 2009

Tim Exile 

Signs to Warp, Album in 2009

Another report for you on news we put in August's monthly newsletter...Tim Exile has signed to Warp and will be releasing a new album in 2009!

Many of you will already know Tim for his previous releases on Planet-Mu, and his live show that rampaged through Europe over the past three years.

Never one to let the dust settle, Tim returned from this extensive touring inspired to push further into the unknown; to build a new machine, a new system for performance, and furthermore, a completely new style of writing music in the studio.

One year later, he’s emerged from the depths with a new sound, album and radically fresh live show.

Stay tuned to his Myspace, the Warp mailout and website for more info coming soon!

Tim Exile's MySpace